Anaya Dental Care

Anaya Dental Care is known for housing experienced Dentists. Dr. Rahul Dua, a well-reputed Dentist , practices in Siliguri. Best Dental Clinic in siliguri with Best Dentist in siliguri. We follow the recent dental treatment modalities and expertise in Dental Implant, Denture, Braces, Root Canal Treatment, Dental Bridge and Cap.

Ashray Dental Care

Ashray Dental Care's ideology is Prevention “Not Just Cure” to help people understand how simple steps carried out daily can prevent major dental diseases, and in turn, avoid dental surgeries at our clinics. Even simplest of habits such as brushing and flossing can make a huge difference in your dental and overall health. Successfully helping people to prevent dental diseases as well as curing them with the best of treatments across the globe, we take pride in spreading smiles to millions of patients.